With each passing day, California only appears to be barreling ever faster down the road to becoming a living, breathing social embodiment of a joke.

On Monday, February 22, California’s state legislature approved a $7.6 billion COVID relief bill. $470 million of that money is slated to go out to illegal immigrants in the form of stimulus checks.

Taxpayer Money for Illegals

The Biden Administration in particular, and Democrats and progressives more generally, are rabidly committed to the goal — now that Trump is out of power — of making it appear like the Trump Administration never happened.

Under Trump, illegal immigrants were not eligible for receiving a single dime in COVID stimulus money. If they haven’t paid any taxes — indeed, if they’ve broken the nation’s laws just by being here — why should they be?

But the California legislature is hell-bent to undo that policy. $470 million dollars of the state’s new stimulus relief spending will go to 565,000 people who have tax ID numbers but who did not qualify for any previous rounds of federal stimulus money, despite having annual incomes of under $75,000. This amounts to a payment of approximately $600 per person.

The people in this category are almost certain to predominantly be illegals.

Stating the obvious, Republican State Senator Jim Nielsen pointed out during a legislative debate that “The budget is going to be creating long-term obligations to the undocumented.” This is on top of the already severe budgetary and fiscal problems that California has already been facing for many years now.

But of course, advocates for illegals are not happy. They want more. They won’t be satisfied until every last dime is mulcted from the native population.

“I think it’s a great step forward,” said Democratic State Senator Maria Elena Durazo, but added, “I think there is room to include more who are still not covered by either our state or by the federal [programs].”

Fanelly Millan, an organizer for the Pomona Economic Opportunity Center, insisted that “More is needed to protect thousands of undocumented workers left out.”

In California, illegal immigrants — who are not even citizens and who are not formally allowed to vote — have become a political constituency.

A Government-Created Crisis

Of course, none of this money would be necessary at all were it not for Governor Gavin Newsom’s totally arbitrary shutdown policy — a policy that is more catered to reward his friends and political donors and punish his enemies than it is to curb the spread of COVID-19.

California’s economy is in trouble because the government put it into trouble.

The bill also gives $2.1 billion in grants and waivers to small businesses and $2.3 billion in direct payments to low-income residents.