You did indeed read that right, the reopening of schools in the United States can be compared to the practices of ‘slavery’ and ‘white supremacist ideology’, at least according to Charda Bell-Fontenot, a member of the La Mesa-Spring Valley School Board, who debated her case that forcing teachers to work in schools when they reopen is ‘slavery’.


The school board took part in a debate on Tuesday night, where they were looking to create a plan for the orderly reopening of schools in the district, after almost a year of constant Covid related closures, leading to a massive, negative impact on the education quality that the kids were receiving.

Bell-Fontenot, who is the Vice President of the school board, dismissed a survey presented by one of the members that showed between 70-80% of parents and students wanted the reopening of schools to come sooner rather than later.

Instead of taking in the logistics of the survey, she demanded information regarding the participants, such as location and ethnicity.

She then went onto claim that the information the board had to consider regarding reopening ‘seems like a mess’, insisting that the board wouldn’t vote on the issue that night.

School board President Rebecca McRae suggested to Bell-Fontenot that she could always abstain from the vote, to which she then accused McRae of being nasty to her.

Superintendent David Feliciano fired back at Bell-Fontenot, stating that he took ‘great offence’ to her suggestions that members did not know what they were discussing.

Bell-Fontenot shot back at him, claiming she wasn’t referencing him, instead, she was making reference to the new members of the board; Minerva Martinez Scott and Sarah Rhiley.

When Feliciano stated that he was taking offence on their behalf, Bell-Fontenot fired again, claiming that he does not speak for them and that he has disrespected her for a second time.

What was the purpose of this heated argument?

Bell-Fontenot complained repeatedly that members of the school board were being disrespectful to her, especially Superintendent Feliciano.

Her emotions then led to her leading a passionate rant about racism, after President McRae suggested that the pair should handle their dispute in private.

Bell-Fontenot took offence to this, stating that ‘racism doesn’t need to be private’.

This led to her insane comparison, suggesting that the reopening of schools was akin to white supremacist ideology and slavery.

She argued that by forcing teachers to go into work without having a Covid vaccine was very alike to the ideology of white supremacists, who believe in a ‘comply and conform’ method of working.

She then moved onto state that she did not want to be a part of a plan that forced people into work if they didn’t want to be there, claiming that the plan was exactly like slavery, before telling members, unironically, to check their privilege.

Her heartfelt, yet misplaced rant was too much for some members to handle, who inevitably burst into laughter over Bell-Fontenot’s suggestions.

As you would expect, she took offence to this, chastising her fellow members for laughing at her ridiculous notion that reopening schools, despite evidence from the Centre for Disease Control that states schools reopening will not significantly increase the spread of Covid-19, is a white supremacist ideological statement.

Sometimes it’s best to just let the Bell-Fontenot’s of the world have their say, instead of trying to argue how ridiculous their statements are.