Everyone’s favorite jobsite, LinkedIn, is slowly becoming everyone’s most hated jobsite, after they were forced to remove an ‘anti-racist’ class after receiving an immense amount of criticism for the content it contained.

The ‘anti-racist’ class was a YouTube video used to train employees in the art of diversity and included very easy-to-follow slogans such ‘be less white’ and ‘be less arrogant and ignorant’, you know, the causal stuff.

How did this all start?

LinkedIn began to advertise an ‘anti-racist’ diversity training course for companies to use for their staff.

Coca-Cola was one of those companies who, earlier in the month, received a large amount of backlash as one of their employees leaked the video being used in one of the diversity training sessions.

The video is entitled ‘Confronting Racism with Robin DiAngelo’ and used as part of Coca-Cola’s diversity training program, offering help and advice to employees who were enrolled on the online course.

And some of that advice is just god-damn awful!

Be less oppressive, be less certain, be less defensive; you name it, it’s on there.

Listen, behave; terms you’d expect to hear when you’ve just entered a camp and you’re getting warned by the prisoners.

That’s what this is, a course like this wants you to remain trapped, to not have any freedom of thought, to believe in everything the company believes in, and these vague terms confirm that.

This is not how you create unity, this how you create hatred, to yourself and the creators of courses like these, and that’s exactly what Coca-Cola and LinkedIn received.

The backlash

The backlash was as you’d expect, with Cola-Cola receiving heavy criticism from all walks of life.

This inevitably led to LinkedIn removing the video from their website, to avoid the same fate that Coca-Cola had to face.

However, this didn’t work.

LinkedIn released a statement declaring that the content had been removed by the request of a third party who provided the company with the video, not because of the situation that arose with Coke.

However, Coke was very quick to distance themselves from the video and from the leak, with one source claiming their diversity wasn’t mandatory, whilst the other denied that Coke had ever used DiAngelo’s video.

Whatever way you look at it, ‘helpful’ and ‘advisory’ courses like this one do not work, they never have, they never will, they’re just the result of politics infecting every single part of our lives, whether that be our work or personal life, for some reason we cannot seem to get away from it.

There’s always someone to cancel, there’s always someone to go after, someone to scapegoat, because everyone’s racist, right?