Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick died in the hospital a few days after the January 6 Capitol riot under circumstances that are still not clear.

Despite having absolutely no evidence for its claims, the media could not allow the opportunity to spin a narrative in the wake of Sicknick’s death go to waste. It began repeatedly and aggressively claiming that Sicknick was killed by rioters and that his head was bashed in with a fire extinguisher.

Politicians even staged a wake for him where they shed crocodile tears over his death. Biden, while pretending to grieve and be upset, was no doubt happy that Sicknick’s death could be used as an excuse to ramp up and justify the left’s persecution of Trump supporters.

Throughout this entire media circus, throughout the media’s relentless lying, Sicknick’s mother Gladys has stood firm and has refused to participate in any of this nonsense.

She continues to insist on the truth—that no one quite knows how Sicknick died. Everyone owes her a debt of gratitude for this.

The Media’s Sicknick Narrative Falls Apart

Although in the immediate wake of January 6 the media were announcing the cause of Officer Sicknick’s death as if it were an established fact, the truth is that they had absolutely no idea what they were talking about.

People were told by no less of a journalistic authority than the New York Times that Sicknick was smashed over the head with a fire extinguisher, that he arrived at the hospital with a gash on his head, and that he died of his injuries shortly thereafter.

No one ever received any video evidence of this alleged assault happening, though—no cellphone video, surveillance camera footage, or body camera footage. To put it mildly, this was suspicious as the Capitol building is one of the most heavily surveilled places on the planet.

Even stranger, Sicknick’s family began receiving phone calls from journalists claiming that he was dead, even though he was still alive and in the hospital at the time.

Then, medical authorities and even the Capitol Police came out to say that Sicknick had no head injuries. To date, no autopsy of Sicknick’s body has ever been released to the public, despite earlier promises by the DOJ to “spare no resources” in investigating his death.

The Times, CNN, and other propaganda outlets then had to resort to covertly editing their stories.

Gladys Sicknick, the officer’s mother, has admirably refused to play along with the media’s charade. She has refused to allow her son’s death to be used to advance any political narratives. “He wasn’t hit on the head no,” she stated when asked. “We think he had a stroke, but we don’t know anything for sure. We’d love to know what happened.”