A report, recently released to the public, has devastated the morale of Christians around the globe, as the late Pastor Ravi Zacharias was confirmed to have sexually assaulted a plethora of women.

These were only allegations at the start of this month before the damming report was released.

The Ravi Zacharias International Ministry requested an investigation into the allegations from an outside company, to uncover the truth, a truth that they did not like by the end of it as the report confirmed the allegations, stating that the pastor had been assaulting and abusing women for years before his death.

What did the report uncover?

The Ravi Zacharias International Ministry revealed in a statement a stark contrast between the words and the actions of the pastor after the report conducted confirmed the horrific allegations against him.

The report discovered ‘found significant evidence of sexual misconduct’ alongside the use of ‘additional massage therapists’ when reviewing Zacharias’ conduct.

The report also looked into his phone records, which unveiled numerous text and email chains with women that were not his wife, as well over 200 ‘selfie-styled’ pictures of women stored in his library.

The reported ended its review by conclusively stating that Pastor Ravi Zacharias engaged in sexual misconduct, up to and including the assault and abuse of ‘numerous women’.

The fallout

The fallout from the scandal has been huge, with the reputation of the RZIM now in absolute tatters.

Their operations across the globe have started to cease, with missions in nations like Canada, the US, the UK and the entirety of the African branch have started to detach from the wider, global RZIM operation.

Only two full-time speakers for RZIM Australia have stepped away from the organization, which occurred before the report was released for the public to see.

However, this fallout is also down to the actions of the RZIM.

The Pastor died in the middle of May last year, yet the organization named after him insisted on launching an investigation into the allegations that were made against him after his death.

This was, probably, their mistake.

Because Ravi Zacharias is no longer alive, these allegations became very disarming, since he was not able to defend himself, prove his innocence or, simply apologize.

These allegations were then assumed to be correct after the ministry insisted on launching an investigation of them, instead of simply ignoring them as the Pastor is unable to defend himself from said allegations.

Is there any hope to be drawn from this?

However, despite the internal and external catastrophe, this scandal caused to the RZIM, some may argue that a sprinkle of hope can be scavenged from it all.

The ministry has not hidden from the truth, in fact, they’ve promoted it, despite the fact they would have known this would have ended their global operations, which it has done.

If anything, their actions show what Christianity is all about, as the faith accepts that sometimes people will slip up and that not everyone is pure.

However, it’s all about what actions are taken after that mistake.

Pastor Zacharias’ impacted the lives of millions of Christians around the globe, which is why this report was so devastating to so many when the details came out.

However, the ministry has used this to spread the light, share the accounts of the women who were assaulted, and bring truth to the evil actions that one man performed, and that is what the faith is all about.