Everyone knows Dr. Seuss, the majority even love him for his whimsical characters, hilarious storylines, and incredible writing talent.

However, there is still a small minority that is able to hate one of the most well-known writers in history.

That’s right, cancel culture has even come for the loveable Dr. Seuss, with the Loudon County School District dropping the annual Dr. Seuss and his publications thanks to pressure from far-left, educational activist group; Activists from Learning for Justice.

But why, why cancel Green Eggs and Ham?

Of all the authors to attempt to go after and taint, why this one? Why couldn’t the left just leave the most loved children’s author…EVER, alone?

Well, apparently the stories and illustrations from Dr. Seuss contain ‘racial overtones’, that’s according to the Activists from Learning for Justice, who follow the exact, far-left mantra that is dished out by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

These teachings have to led to the loveable Dr. Seuss becoming the latest victim of cancel culture, with the Loudon County School District dropping him entirely as we approach ‘Read Across America Day’.

The ALJ, SPLC, and the Loudon School District all claim that because Read Across America Day is celebrated in partial recognition of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, he must be dropped entirely from the celebrations because of apparent research into his works.

Read Across America Day celebrates reading and literacy, with the books and illustrations of Dr. Seuss aiding children massively in their early years as they start to develop their reading and writing skills.

However, this a fact that the left is now ignoring in order to score a few points against a man who helped millions of children, not just in America, but across the world.

They claim that the stories and illustrations of Dr. Seuss are full of ‘anti-Blackness and White Supremacy’, stating that the Dr. Seuss characters played party to this development, citing that a study conducted by St. Catherine University alleged these claims.

This isn’t the first time…

Dr. Seuss has faced the wrath of cancel culture before, even though he wasn’t actually alive to witness its horrific rise in American culture.

In 2017, a Librarian working at an elementary school in the state of Massachusetts claimed that the illustrations portrayed in the books of Dr. Seuss were an example of ‘racist propaganda’.

Canadian author and commentator Mark Steyn spoke out in 2017 regarding ‘Seussgate’ labeling the claims of the Librarian as ‘moronic’.

The cancellation (again) of Dr. Seuss just shows how far the left is willing to go to push their culture and identity-ridden agenda, they really could learn a thing or two from the great man’s works…’Why fit in when you were born to stand out?’