Despite Coronavirus restrictions, many people have used the beginning of 2021 to reinvent themselves after a torrid 2020.

However, if you’re New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, 2021 has been a disaster thus far.

His year didn’t get off to the best start, after multiple investigations into his Covid-19 taskforce found that the administration had lied and underreported deaths from Covid in care homes, following an order made by Cuomo in March 2020 for all New York care homes to take in patients who had Covid-19.

Now, Cuomo faces yet another scandal, as multiple former aides from his administration have started to come forward with allegations of sexual harassment against the Governor.

What’s he done now?

Governor Cuomo faces another allegation of sexual harassment, this time from his former health policy advisor and executive assistant; Charlotte Bennett.

The 25-year-old gave an interview with the New York Times regarding what Cuomo had done during her time working closely with the Governor.

She states that, when alone in his office, Cuomo asked her incredibly personal questions regarding her sex life, as well as asking if she had ever been intimate with an ‘older man’.

Bennett stated that these constant questions made her feel ‘horribly uncomfortable and scared’, as she knew the Governor was interested in sleeping with her.

However, her interview with the Times was not the first time she had reported this allegation.

She claims in the report that she had also reported the incident to Cuomo’s Chief of Staff, whose only action on the allegation was to move her away from Cuomo’s office and into a new department, where she would have zero contact with him.

Bennett also alleges that the Governor asked her questions such as if she was having sex with anyone other than her previous partner in her last relationship, whilst dropping a hint to her that he was ‘fine with anyone above the age of 22’.

She stated that she felt as if the Governor was offering her a proposition after he stated numerous times how ‘lonely’ he has felt throughout the pandemic.

Does Cuomo deny this?

The official story given by Governor Cuomo far differs from the story given by Bennett.

In a statement given by Cuomo to the New York Times, he claims that he was ‘acting as her mentor’, as well as claiming that he never once acted inappropriate to her, as that ‘was never his intention’.

However, his statement did not deny the allegation of him proposing questions to her about her sex life.

Bennett has now stated that she has since left the administration, despite having been transferred to a new department far away from his office.

She states that she thought being away from him would allow her to ‘move on’, however, she cites that his ‘suffocating presence’ within all parts of the administration did not allow her to do this, labeling herself as ‘naïve’ for believing otherwise.