Fox News host Dana Perino was not able to control her emotions when interviewing a survivor of domestic violence. Perino broke down in tears during Thursday’s news program while speaking with Cassandra Tanner Miller about losing her 18-month-old son to gun violence.

Miller’s Son Shot to Death

Miller recounted to Perino how her toddler was shot to death by her estranged husband in September of 2019. Christopher Michael Miller had been released from jail using what is referred to as an “I-bond.” This type of bond allows an incarcerated individual to leave prison without paying the bail if they guarantee to return to court for their scheduled hearing.

The woman was home with her 9-year-old daughter, Camryn, and her son Colton when Miller was released.

The recently released prisoner broke into the home, threatening to kill the three of them. While the distraught mother and her little girl were able to escape, Colton passed away after being shot 10 times in the head.

Perino’s Display of Emotion

It is understandable that Perino would become upset after hearing this tragic story. Perino told her co-host, Trace Gallagher, that she had never become that upset on television before, a testament to the power of Miller’s story.

Becoming an Advocate

Because of her story, Miller is becoming an advocate for stopping the I-bond procedure. She recently met with Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker in an effort to convince him to stop the legislation legalizing this type of bond. As a result of her experience, Miller is pushing for stricter bond conditions. However, Pritzker continues to side with the lenient bond process.