Peter Navarro, who served as the Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy under former President Donald Trump, has predicted that the current investigation being led by Special Counsel John Durham into the ‘Russiagate’ hoax will yield ‘at least three’ indictments once the investigation has finalized.

Navarro, who previously described himself as a self-registered Democrat, made the prediction whilst appearing on Fox News, after numerous reports revealed how officials from the Obama administration aided the hoax in the summer of 2016, in order to assist the Democrat nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her election campaign.

Who is Peter Navarro?

Many people believed that the appointment of Navarro as the Director of the Office of Trade would not get him a place within the Trump inner circle, especially due to his political background, however, as numerous, early officials fell out of favor with the former President, Navarro kept on his good side, allowing him to become one of the only true members of that club.

In the past, Navarro has proclaimed himself as a Democrat and not as a Republican stating that he supported the Clinton-Gore Administration as well as being a campaigner for Hillary Clinton’s election run in 2008.

He has also run for public office himself on numerous occasions, as well as being endorsed by Hillary Clinton herself.

However, when it comes to trade and foreign policy, Navarro leans significantly more to the right than he does to the left.

Navarro is a big believer in protectionist trade and opposes trade deficits and multilateral trade deals.

His stance on trade led to him becoming an economic advisor to the Trump Campaign in 2016 and was appointed as the Director of Trade after Trump’s election win.

Also, his stance against China has helped him climb the ranks in the Trump Administration.

What’s his prediction?

Navarro appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s show on Fox to give his three indictment predictions, however, when pressed by Bartiromo on how he arrived at that conclusion, his response was rather disappointing.

Many expected him to give a ‘insider’s look’ to the investigation, however, he stated that his prediction was based around the evidence that was presented by John Solomon, as well as the information given by the FBI regarding an informant called Stefan Halper, who allegedly spent the summer of 2016 targeting members of the Trump campaign in order to discover if there were any who were receiving information about Hillary Clinton from the Russians.

However, the report concluded that all of Halper’s contacts within the Trump Campaign are people who are believed to have been familiar with him already, all except one, who didn’t provide any additional information to the FBI.

The conclusion that can be drawn from this is pretty shoddy, and rather disappointing since the Democrats spent all four years of Trump’s term screaming about Russia.

They, and the FBI, were searching thoroughly for a connection between the Trump Campaign and Russia, with the informant they sent in to get the information coming up empty-handed. What a waste of time ay?