The younger brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, CNN news host Chris Cuomo, has announced this week that he will be unable to continue reporting on news that involves his brother, after numerous, positive newsreels about him over the last year.

This decision comes in the wake of the various scandals Gov. Cuomo finds himself in, having been accused of sexual assault and harassment by three women, as well as the unveiling of his administration’s shambolic handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Why now?

Chris Cuomo opened up to his audience at the beginning of his Monday night ‘Cuomo Prime Time’ show, stating that he is aware of the situations that have arisen regarding his brother; however, he states because of their family ties, he cannot cover the stories himself.

He assures his viewers that CNN would continue to cover the stories regarding Gov. Cuomo extensively, ‘as they have done before’, before the younger of the two brothers stated he will now no longer be allowed to discuss or report on them.

He then goes onto to explain how he ‘cares deeply’ about the issues at hand, before switching to a vast array of other topics in order to take the attention away from the Governor.

After that, his Monday night show gave the appearance of business as usual, as he covered updates from the CPAC; including the former President Donald Trump’s speech, a new Democrat policy to raise the minimum wage before going on spending around five minutes wishing his fellow CNN colleague, Don Lemon, a very happy birthday.

This comes after the Governor frequently appeared on his brother’s show over the last year since the beginning of the pandemic, exchanging jokes and warm reviews about each other in the spring of 2020.

However, since then, Chris Cuomo has only been airing news that is either from a neutral or biased perspective regarding the Governor, in what some feel like is an attempt by the younger to get the older some positive press.

What issues surround the Governor?

Governor Cuomo currently finds him in a bit of a sticky, career-ending situation.

He has faced numerous accusations of sexual assault and harassment, with a third woman stepping forward on Monday to add to the allegations, claiming that the Governor labeled her as ‘aggressive’ when she removed his hand from her lower back at a wedding party in 2019, before attempting to kiss her, all of which was caught on camera.

This follows a report last week from another two women who worked within the Cuomo Administration.

The first, who is believed to have been a high-level aide in the administration, accused the Governor of trying to forcibly kiss her on the lips in his office in 2018, whilst the other, another aide, was moved to a new department after she reported that the Governor had propositioned her, whilst asking numerous, personal questions regarding her sex life.

Amidst these accusations, the Governor is also attempting to put out fires caused by numerous reports over the last month that exposed the administration’s dreadful and deadly handling of the Covid-19 pandemic in New York. The reports revealed the true damage caused by the administration’s policies that forced care homes to take in Covid patients, leading to a severe increase in the death toll, which was covered up knowingly by the administration.

Governor Cuomo is enduring a very tough, and potential career-ending time, and the only shield that he had from his brother has now disappeared, leaving him to face the full force of political scrutiny alone.