The year 2020 has been troublesome for millions of people across the United States, not only because of the ongoing pandemic but also for the rising tensions between leftists and conservatives.

Back in September, Rae Lee Klein, at the time a station manager for the Arizona State University Blaze Radio, was ousted for her tweet regarding Jacob Blake’s shooting that happened on August 23rd, in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

As she stated later, the idea wasn’t to insult anyone, but rather present the public with a New York Post article on the background of that particular happening.

Why did ASU remove Rae Lee Klein from the manager’s position?

According to the story that Rae posted, Jacob Blake was a man with three sexual assault warrants. On the day of the shooting, a young woman called the police to the scene claiming that Blake tried to sexually abuse her.

Still, no one at the University of Blaze Radio took any notice of this but rather decided to remove Lee Klein from her managing position!

While at first, she didn’t get any response to the question “why was she ousted”, ASU Dean came out later with a statement that she broke series of rules related to the “social media guideline”.

Apparently, as a student of the Arizona Student University, you aren’t allowed to post opinions on public and political happenings.

Such an excuse was something that Rae Lee Klein couldn’t accept especially considering the fact that the “social media guideline” rule is in direct conflict with the freedom of speech.

Rae Lee Klein is sueing ASU

Not happy with the consequences that she was subjected to, the former radio manager decided to sue the Arizona Board of Rights, along with the other parties that took part in her ousting (the MCC Dean Kristine Gilger and Walter Cronkite School of Journalism).

Rae Lee Klein filed a District Court suit on the basis of the violation of the First Amendment, and free speech state laws.

Just a couple of weeks later, all the cases were dismissed apart from the one against Dean Kristine Gilger due to assumed prejudice.

Klein’s attorney wasn’t satisfied with the cases thrown away and publically announced that those will be refiled to a State Court.

This is when the ASU decided to put an end to any further allegations and settle with Rae.

Details of the settlement

The University decided to “reimburse some of her school fees” in a sum of $7,040.

Although her initial claim was $500,000, Klein said that she wanted to make a clear point.

Even though she is happy with the final outcome, the fact that Michael Crow who is an ASU president doesn’t accept that they did any wrongdoing remains a huge issue.