For those on the right, it’s easy to see the left as a massive, monolithic, and destructive juggernaut bent on strangling the engine of American prosperity and eroding the culture in a million different ways.

With so many threats coming from the left, it’s easy to forget that these people also have their own internal divisions and various factions. These factions do not necessarily like one another.

But when one looks at all of the promises that Biden dangled in front of people when he ran for president and the failure to deliver on many of those promises, this is something that one needs to keep in mind.

Democratic Infighting

It’s obvious that Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats have wanted to take control of the presidency and both houses of Congress.

Despite the fact that they’ve done that, some problems remain for them. One major problem is that to pass many kinds of legislation without having to endure a filibuster, one needs 60 votes instead of a simple majority, and there’s no way that any Republicans will be found to sign on to the kind of insanity that Democrats want.

One solution to that pesky problem is to simply abolish the filibuster. However, there are still some Democrats who don’t want to do that, particularly Joe Manchin, who recently exploded in fury at a bunch of reporters who kept pestering him about whether he would vote to abolish the filibuster.

“NEVER!” Manchin fumed. “JESUS CHRIST! What don’t you understand about NEVER?!”

In the Senate, Manchin, an old-style Blue Dog Democrat of a type that scarcely exists anymore, has effectively become a kingmaker.

It’s now up to him whether Democrats will get to pass anything, and Manchin has made it clear that he won’t vote for any bill that at least a few Republicans can’t be found to consent to.

Predictably, most Democrats are furious not only at Manchin but at Chuck Schumer for not trying to threaten him. However, Democrats have midterms to consider, and so they are faced with a conundrum: Do they kiss up to Manchin to try to get some things passed that aren’t ideal from the standpoint of their far-left base, or do they attack Manchin and risk getting nothing passed at all?

Either way, it seems the left-wing base will end up dissatisfied, and this could hurt Democrats in the midterms.