In a Tuesday testimony before the U.S. Senate, FBI Director Christopher Wray said there was no evidence so far that members of the leftist organizations infiltrated the January 6th Capitol storming.

In response to the question posed by Senator Patrick Leahy, Wray said that the FBI has no information about any relationship between the members of Antifa and the riots that took place in early January.

In his first testimony since fall, Wray acknowledged that the FBI has to enhance the way it handles data.

He emphasized that the agency had a large amount of relevant information before the riots occurred, which helped it dissuade some people from arriving at the Capitol.

Even though the FBI failed in preventing the violent events, Wray tried to assure his audience that the agency is doing its best to avert anything similar in the future.

Were there no Antifa activists?

Several informed commentators called the Antifa part of Wray’s testimony into question.

Steven Sund, a former Capitol Police Chief, told the Senate Rules and Homeland Security committees that activists from different organizations participated in the Capitol event.

He specifically listed far-right Proud Boys and Antifa as groups whose members were expected to participate in riots.

On the day of the riots, an anonymous former FBI agent reported that there was at least one bus crowded with Antifa activists who arrived in Washington, D.C., to disguise themselves as Trump supporters.

Furthermore, Michael Waller, a senior strategy analyst from the Center for Security Policy who participated in the Capitol event, described several groups he saw taking part in the protests.

The first of them comprised genuine Trump supporters who behaved aggressively during the event.

Waller also identified individuals who seemed to be at the event solely to provoke an incident.

Most interestingly, Waller testified that he saw a smaller group of young men who, even though they were wearing pro-Trump symbols, behaved in a way that deviated from the rest of the crowd.

Waller expressed his belief that these men were Antifa activists who pretended to be Trump supporters.

Probably the biggest indication that some Antifa members took part in the events was the arrest of John Sullivan, a man from Utah known for his video coverages of rebellions across the U.S., including the shooting of Ashli Babbitt inside the Capitol premises.

Yet, some networks deny any connections between Sullivan and leftist groups.

Regardless of the truth, the identification of leftist presence at Capitol would cast an entirely new light on the January events.