Kari Lake, a veteran news anchor for more than 20 years on Fox 10 in Arizona, has tendered her resignation from the organization, having not appeared on the air since January.

Lake released a video early on Monday to explain her situation to her loyal viewers, and to answer questions as to why she had been absent since the start of the year.

She describes throughout the video that ‘journalism is dead’, which later becomes the sole reason for her resignation as she declares that she ‘no longer wants to do this job anymore’.

What did her video entail?

In her video, Lake explains that her break from her broadcasting duties has given her a period of reflection to look back on the work she has done throughout her 22-year career.

She explains how she has been at the top of her profession for the majority of her time in the industry, stating that ‘journalism has changed a lot’ since she first climbed the ranks, claiming that the media needs to hold more ‘balanced coverage’, to represent a ‘wider range of viewpoints’.

Lake declares that she no longer feels proud to be a journalist, and suggests that there will be many other journalists in the industry who share her convictions.

She then goes onto state that over the last few years, she has found herself ‘reading a news copy that she did not believe to be true’, continuing on by saying that many pieces she covered would only tell ‘part of the story’.

News veteran believes that these practices in journalism, which many people have clocked onto since the election of President Donald Trump, is one of the sole contributors to fear and division in the United States, stating that she no longer wishes to play party to that.

Also, she states that the sole reason she made a name for herself in the field was to be ‘helpful’, not to spread misinformation or to jump the gun on stories early that would turn out to be false, as many major ‘journalists’ in the US did with the Jussie Smollet and Jacob Blake stories.

Lake also makes it expressively clear that she is leaving her position on her own accord, she has not been fired, she has not been made redundant; she is resigning due to the shambolic state that journalism currently finds itself trapped in, stating that she believes this is the correct decision for her.

Public reaction

Lake’s political affiliation has always been questioned by both sides, as she never once publicly stated the party or candidates she supported.

The only time she came close to doing so was after President Trump was removed on all social media, a move she criticized, stating that the ‘First Amendment was under attack’.

However, major left-leaning establishment ‘journalists’ do not share the same convictions as Lake, who claims that Conservatives now no longer have a place in the ‘proud profession’.

But does it come as a surprise when you see leftist reporters releasing a joint statement that claims they have no idea what she is on about?

That’s because they benefit from the broken industry, they can get away with reporting false stories on CNN and MSNBC without consequence because the networks themselves want to push these stories to fit their own political agenda against the right.

The loss of Kari Lake to the media industry is devastating, as she worked proudly to ensure that the truth was the sole focus of her stories, pushing aside the political agenda that the majority of the big figures in journalism hold today and embrace without remorse.