In response to struggling ratings across the board, Fox News is claiming that it is shifting its program directives to a center-right platform. The ratings dropped as the MAGA crowd took their viewership elsewhere as a result of the network calling the 2020 presidential election for President Joe Biden.

“Outnumbered” Anything but Center-Right

Anyone who watches Fox News regularly knows that the network is still leaning into the far-right demographic with its programming slant. While this is particularly evident in the primetime hours, even the daily programming is still blurring the line between actual news and right-wing commentary. This is especially clear with the show “Outnumbered.”

The Premise of “Outnumbered”

Airing during the noon hour on the East Coast, “Outnumbered” features a panel of women and one lone male.

In order to carry on the fallacy that the network is fair and balanced, the program would regularly feature two liberal panelists. However, the recent absence of liberal contributors Marie Harf and Jessica Tarlov has called into question how much Fox News is committed to providing these dissenting voices on their network.

Background of Liberal Voice Absence

The benching of the two dissenting voices comes after an on-air argument between Harf and host Harris Faulkner in early December over the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. After that December 10 broadcast, both Harf and Tarlov were left out of future programs.

Since that incident, only moderate Democrat and radio host Leslie Marshall and former Barack Obama spokesperson Johanna Maska have been asked to provide a different voice. The glaring absence of Harf and Tarlov appears to be another indicator that Fox News is not going to stray from its far-right roots.