According to Brian Abel, a reporter for WXYZ-TV, a local Detroit-based news station, more than a dozen National Guard troops from Michigan who have been stationed in Washington, D.C., have become sick, and some have been hospitalized.

The reason for this, apparently, is that D.C. has been repeatedly feeding them undercooked meat and other meals with metal shavings in them.

This is like some sort of bizarre parallel to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, except that it’s happening in D.C. and being done to National Guard troops from Michigan.

Substandard Food for the National Guard

The problems with these undercooked and tainted meals have gotten so bad and have been going on for so many weeks that a staff sergeant was driven to desperation and was finally forced to contact WXYZ-TV and reveal what was happening.

The staff sergeant’s identity is being kept hidden in order to protect him from possible reprisals.

With so many National Guard members stationed in D.C. since before Biden’s inauguration—and no sign that they will be leaving anytime soon, even though their purpose for being there remains unclear—the District’s government has had to feed them all. For this purpose, it has turned to various contractors. However, the meals provided by the government through these contractors have been ghastly.

Brian Abel’s report mentions whistleblower testimony, which describes 74 meals containing totally raw beef, and another instance where soldiers were sent lunches one Sunday which were laced with metal shavings.

The whistleblower provided pictures and video to document all of this.

Many of the “meals” shown look like a simple dinner roll with some Sunny D—suitable for little schoolchildren, perhaps, but not at all adequate for deployed soldiers.

Being undercooked, the meat the soldiers were served was laced with germs, which caused a number of them to become extremely ill.

Even worse, the Michigan National Guard—and by extension, the office of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer—seems totally unconcerned about this. The Michigan National Guard issued a statement that all of its currently deployed National Guard troops will remain in D.C. until the scheduled end of their tours, sometime around March 12. It appears none of them will be sent home for the sake of their health.

Instead, all the statement does is provide some empty rhetoric about how the “National Guard will remain personally engaged with this issue and will continue to push for accountability…”

One can add this horrendous indignity to the many others that National Guard troops in D.C. have already suffered, like being made to sleep on cold marble floors or take their breaks in frigid, open-air parking lots. If this disgraceful episode proves anything, however, it’s that there is no meaningful accountability for any politicians—neither in D.C. nor in Michigan.