Everyone knew it was coming.

Biden has been ferreting out any remnants of Trump-supporting officials who may remain in the government and forcing them out.

After all, the number one—perhaps the only—priority of the Biden administration has been to make it look like the Trump administration never happened.

Biden Hunts Down Trump Supporters in the Government

One of Trump’s final moves as president was to appoint dozens of people to various government boards and committees. These positions tend to demand that their occupants serve certain fixed terms regardless of the president under whom they happen to be serving. These people would thus be able to do some work to keep the Biden agenda from running completely roughshod over the country.

Appointing people to posts like this at the last moment is known as “burrowing.”

Of course, since there is an unusually high number of Trump appointees in these positions, Biden’s team, as well as other prominent Democrats, have insisted on calling them “dangerous” and a “threat to democracy.”

“Democracy” Is a Code Word for Keeping the Establishment in Power

One of the establishment’s favorite things to whine about for the last couple of years has been the alleged threat that Trump poses to “democracy.” If you’re hyper-literal, you might be confused by this. After all, wasn’t Trump democratically elected in 2016?

And in 2020, didn’t he try to point out how Democrats had changed election rules in key swing states at the last minute to help them steal the election? By pointing this out, wasn’t Trump actually trying to protect democracy?

In the literal sense of that word, yes, he was. But when elites like those in the Biden administration speak of “democracy,” they aren’t using that word in its literal sense. Instead, what they are referring to is a kind of managed democracy with themselves at the helm.

In the tradition of writers like Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays, the current political establishment firmly believes that the American people need to be managed. Yes, they can have a choice about whom to vote for, but all of the candidates must be screened for them by the establishment first. Yes, they may be allowed to form their own opinions, but all information sources that present them with the “sides” of an issue must be controlled by the establishment as well.

Trump threatened to upset this. He was not approved by the establishment. He said things that the establishment never wanted the American people to hear.

That’s why he and those of his supporters who still remain in the government are called an “existential threat to democracy.”