“The Eyes of Texas” is a song written by a member of the University of Texas band back in 1903. The lyrics to the song are sung in the rhythm of “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad,” and the song itself is a reference to something that Robert E. Lee liked to tell his soldiers before they marched off to battle throughout the Civil War: “The eyes of the South are upon you.”

The song has long been a major institutional tradition at the university. However, because some busybody with nothing better to do happened to uncover the fact that the song was originally played during a minstrel show, other left-wing busybodies have called to cancel it and make sure that it’s never sung at the University of Texas again.

So far, this story seems like yet another annoying and unfortunate instance of cancel culture hysteria. However, there is a silver lining to the story: Donors to the university simply aren’t having it.

UT Alumni and Donors Rise Up Against Cancel Culture

A spate of angry and frustrated emails from alumni and donors to the University of Texas, including some incredibly generous donors whose philanthropy has helped sustain major parts of the university, has recently been released showing what could happen if the university bows to the demands of the cancel culture barbarians.

“My wife and I have given an endowment in excess of $1 million to athletics. This could very easily be rescinded if things don’t drastically change around here,” wrote one donor whose name has been redacted.

UT President Jay Hartzell has already publicly announced that the school would keep the song and would allow crowds to sing it during its athletic events, but this has not been enough to pacify alumni who were furious that the university would even consider removing it.

According to the Texas Tribune, “over 70% of the nearly 300 people who emailed Hartzell’s office … demanded the school keep playing [the song]. Around 75 people in emails explicitly threatened to stop supporting the school financially…”

Of course, the song itself is totally harmless. Its lyrics contain no racist or offensive content, and it’s been sung at weddings and other important events for decades.

Even more encouraging is the fact that many donors have even demanded that the university discipline student-athletes who protested the song.

Good. This is exactly the kind of thing that must be done to stand up to these crazies. After all, experience shows that the social justice mob is like a pack of sharks: Cave into them once, and they will smell blood in the water.