The mainstream media continues to pile on to the conservative movement, this week taking aim at former Vice President Mike Pence. CNN was the latest outlet to falsely accuse Pence of being dishonest.

Keilar’s Claims

The latest CNN anchor to go down this path was Brianna Keilar. The on-air rant by Keilar during her daytime show “Newsroom” focused on an op-ed published on Wednesday by Pence in “The Daily Signal.”

Keilar tried valiantly to fact-check Pence on air; however, the effort failed miserably as she simply reduced the credibility of her own network in the process. In the op-ed, Pence voiced his concerns about voter irregularities during the 2020 presidential election.

The host tried to twist Pence’s words, accusing him of being a proponent of what CNN cutely refers to as the “Big Lie,” referencing former President Donald Trump’s allegations that he won the election. While it is likely true that Trump did not earn enough votes to win the election, it is easy to see that there was a host of voter irregularities.

Daniel Dale Jumps in Unsuccessfully

Keilar then brought in CNN reporter Daniel Dale to back up her claims that Pence was lying. However, Dale simply proved Pence’s claims correct as he tried to debunk them. It is important to realize that just because there was not enough voter fraud present to change the final outcome of the election, there still is the possibility that a significant amount of irregularities occurred. While CNN likes to pride itself on its fact-checking, the efforts failed miserably during this segment.