Kayleigh McEnany, who served as the White House Press Secretary under President Donald Trump, has claimed that President Joe Biden and his administration are mostly to blame for current the White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, continually ‘circling back’ on questions that she doesn’t have an answer to.

McEnany made the comments whilst appearing on Fox and Friends, after recently becoming a contributor to the network in her post-White House career.

What did she claim?

The former press secretary didn’t really blame Psaki as much as did her boss, Joe Biden.

She stated that a lack of transparency from the Biden Administration is to blame for Psaki constantly being unable to answer questions from the press in a convincing manner, seemingly only having a small part of the information desired. McEnany stated that whilst she served under President Trump, she was able to walk into his office whenever she liked to obtain any information that she needed.

She stated that she always knew ‘where his head was at’ thanks to her unique walk-in privileges, as she claimed that the administration would do ‘hours and hours, if not days’ worth of research’ in order to ensure that she would always have the answers to the questions that would be poised to her.

Numerous clips of her press briefings can be found online, where whenever she is asked a question that might trip her up, she flicks through a rather hefty book of information in order to answer honestly and informatively.

What did she say about Biden?

As stated previously, McEnany has put the blame onto the Biden Administration for their lack of transparency with Jen Psaki, often leaving her out to hang dry throughout her press briefings.

However, McEnany also took a swipe at the President himself, criticizing him for failing to hold a press conference throughout his 44 days in office.

She accused Biden of ‘hiding in the basement’ throughout his presidency, stating that this was his ‘strategy all along’, as he becomes the first President in living memory to fail to hold an individual press conference in his first 40 days.

Whereas President Trump offered transparency, and consistent press conferences, President Biden cowers away, leaving Jen Psaki to clean up after him and his mistakes, offering out only a bit parts of information as Biden stays locked away in his basement.