Two separate car accidents took the lives of at least 13 illegal aliens early last Tuesday morning. While it was originally believed that just one vehicle was involved, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials recently announced that there were actually two different crashes that fateful morning.

Details of Accidents

The illegal aliens entered the country at the border of Mexico near El Centro, California. Two SUVs came over the border through a 10-foot hole located in a deteriorating section of the fence. While it was the first accident that grabbed the headlines on Tuesday, the recent revelation details another crash at the same time.

The first accident involved a Ford Expedition that had been crammed full of 25 people.

This Expedition collided with a tractor-trailer, instantly taking the lives of 12 passengers. There was one additional fatality later at the hospital. The other passengers had to be treated for serious to critical injuries. All of the passengers are believed to have entered the country illegally.

New Report

The new CBP report confirmed a second accident with an additional SUV. This Chevy Suburban was located near the first accident engulfed in flames. According to law enforcement, 19 individuals were found hiding in the nearby bushes.

Agents from the Homeland Security Investigations San Diego office were on the scene of the accident immediately. The agents have already initiated a human smuggling investigation to determine the details of the border crossing and what led to the two collisions.

According to some lawmakers, the accidents are a harbinger of things to come under President Joe Biden’s weak immigration policy.