YouTube has erased all the copies of the speech former President Donald Trump delivered in Orlando, Florida, last Sunday!

The speech was held as a part of a Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and focused on Trump’s calls for unity among the Republicans.

Trump expressed his interest in replacing the Republicans who voted for his impeachment in the House and Senate.

The former President also repeated his belief that the 2020 general election was stolen in favor of Joe Biden.

Several days after the speech, YouTube moderators erased the copies of the speech from different accounts.

The speech was even removed from the mainstream media accounts such as those of the U.K. Independent, the U.K. Sun, ABC News, Fox, and Fox Business.

Before the ban, the speech received more than 30 million views total just via live streaming.

Out of this amount, 5.8 million views came through the streaming provided by Fox News Channel, and another 1.5 million views came through Newsmax.

Just by Monday, the speech also acquired millions of viewers through different YouTube platforms. The Gateway Pundit reported that 3.7 million people viewed the speech via Right Side Broadcasting Network, 1 million viewed it via The Independent, and around 900,000 through The Hill and Reuters.

Other platforms with significant viewership included: News Now (818,000), ABC Australia (352,000), SKY News (222,000), ABC News (208,000), and FOX 35 Orlando (50,000).

RSBN account banned

Right when approaching 4 million views on Trump’s Orlando speech, the Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) YouTube account has been banned for two weeks by moderators.

RSBN editors said that, even though they expected the suspension to happen, they do not regret their decision to share the video of Trump’s speech.

They told reporters that YouTube moderators are probably particularly discomforted by allegations about electoral fraud Trump reiterated during the speech.

Yet, RSBN editors said that they will always oppose the censorship of the former President regardless of the consequences.

Even though Trump’s Orlando speech was erased from YouTube platforms and some accounts that shared it ended up being suspended, it is still visible on other online platforms, such as Periscope.