The state of Michigan — or more accurately, its leaders — is in the grip of collective hysteria.

Despite overwhelming scientific evidence that neither mask mandates nor lockdown orders have done much of anything to slow the spread of COVID-19 or prevent deaths and hospitalizations from the virus, Michigan’s political leadership remains irrationally committed to the idea of keeping these things going.

Politicians are not known for ever voluntarily relinquishing power, but even the governors of the states of Texas and Mississippi have come to see that shutdowns have wrought nothing but economic ruin and have not noticeably improved the situation with COVID-19.

Even though Texas and Mississippi are slated to completely open and remove their mask mandates, Michigan remains thrall to what can only be described at this point as magical thinking.

Of course, Michiganders have been protesting and complaining about the lunacy of their governor, Gretchen Whitmer, for a long time now, but the government’s authoritarian approach is only growing more heavy-handed.

Now Marlena Pavlos-Hackney, a pizzeria owner from Holland, Mich., is being viciously punished for resisting these insane and tyrannical shutdown orders.

The Hammer Comes Down

Pavlos-Hackney, a Polish immigrant, has been stripped of her food license by the state of Michigan for continuing to operate her restaurant back in January, despite the state’s lockdown restrictions.

Even worse, an Ingham County, Michigan judge has issued a bench warrant against her and ordered that she pay a $7,500 fine. This means that she will likely spend time in jail for the heinous “crime” of trying to make a living by letting people gather and eat pizza.

What in the world could have justified such a draconian response by the state? Here’s where matters become truly insane and Orwellian. Apparently, an unnamed person claims to have developed COVID-19 symptoms 48 hours after having eaten at Pavlos-Hackney’s pizzeria.

No one knows who this person is, where else he could have gone before developing symptoms or even if he truly even has COVID-19 since the person has not been named and nothing is known about his identity.

Don’t people have the right to make a living? Don’t they at least have the right to know who their accusers are? But things like Constitutional and legal rights are obviously paltry things to the authoritarian lunatics who run Michigan.

In fact, since nothing is known about this accuser, no one can blame people for suspecting that this whole incident was fabricated in order to give the state an excuse to persecute someone who is standing up for her rights.