Politicians love power. They feed on it. They thrive on it. For them, it’s like a drug. And most importantly, they’ll make up any excuse they need to—no matter how transparently ridiculous—to get more of it.

Therefore, Nancy Pelosi’s actions in the lead-up to and on March 4 should really be seen as business as usual by the political class.

Apparently, there was some sort of “credible” threat made that an armed militia of some kind would attack the Capitol building on March 4, though exactly what made this alleged threat “credible” was never explained.

Pelosi, in response, shut down the House’s entire legislative session for that day. When that inevitably backfired and the alleged “threats” came to nothing, she tried backpedaling and making excuses.

Ultimately, she just ended up looking foolish, like her only aim was to needlessly scare people and take advantage of people’s fear.

Pelosi Tries Stoking Fear and Ends Up Looking Stupid

As anyone with half a brain could easily predict, absolutely nothing came of the alleged “militia threat” on March 4. The National Guard, the Capitol Police, the FBI, Homeland Security, and no doubt countless others turned out to bravely defend the Capitol … against almost absolutely no one.

The only people who showed up to the area on March 4 were a few delusional believers in the QAnon conspiracy, which held that Trump had been secretly working with military intelligence officials to purge the U.S. government of the many criminals that infest it.

Of course, absolutely nothing came of that theory because the “plan” never existed.

Indeed, given the bizarre presence of Army Intelligence officials like Captain Emily Rainey at the riot and given Trump’s incessant battles with the deep state during his presidency, it could well be that QAnon was just another ruse invented by the deep state to divert the energies of his followers.

But when the “threat” amounted to nothing, what did Pelosi do? She did an immediate about-face and claimed that she merely moved the schedule a bit to accommodate Republicans. “I don’t think anybody should take any encouragement that because some troublemakers might show up that we changed our whole schedule,” she said. “We’re going to be out by noon because we promised that to Republicans.”

Of course, that came as news to Republicans.

And then, the House held a late-night session on the night of March 3 to ensure that House members would not have to be present at the Capitol on March 4.

What is Pelosi doing? Hyping up nonexistent threats and then putting spins on her own hype and acting like she never did so?

This is absurd.