The media has drastically changed over the last 5 or 6 years, becoming more and more partisan by the day; reporting ‘news’ that leaves out parts of the story in order to make either side of the political aisle look good.

Now, The Washington Post has dusted off the propaganda machine that they acquired from a 1980s Soviet state, in order to give President Joe Biden an easy ride as his detrimental policies regarding the Covid-19 relief takes a new low.

What did the machine roll out?

The original Coronavirus relief bill, signed by the Trump Administration at the end of March last year, provided $2 trillion worth of aid to families and businesses that were forced to change their lives.

The Washington Post ran an article covering this bill, claiming that ‘companies and households brace for more economic pain’ as a result of the order.

Now, things have changed!

The Washington Post has run another article, covering the relief bill just signed into law by the Biden Administration.

This bill pays less than Trump’s bill did, only providing Americans with $1,400 worth of aid, going against the campaign promise to provide at least $2,000 worth of aid.

However, The Washington Post claims that Biden’s bill will ‘shower money on Americans’, alongside the outrageous claim that his bill with ‘sharply cut poverty’.

Finally, the propaganda machine is working, allowing The Washington Post to spew out all the lies that they desire as they attempt to make President Biden look good, despite a disastrous start to his term.

Why are they utterly incorrect in their claim?

The Democrats, including The Washington Post, are attempting to make President Biden look like the savior of America, the man that will rid the nation of the pandemic, allowing life to return to normal.

The Messiah will shower his people with money, the very same money that his people gave to the government under the threat of being locked up if they refused to comply… cause everyone loves taxes!

Now, the President and his ‘Woke’ government will give the American people back their hard earnt cash, in order to relieve them from a situation that the Democrats supported.

Endless lockdowns? Democrats love the idea.

States (Republican states) are now starting to lift lockdown restrictions, allowing businesses to reopen so life can return to normal and people can regain their livelihoods.

However, President Biden would much prefer if states remained in endless lockdowns in order to stop the spread of Covid-19, despite clear evidence across the world that the vaccines that are currently being distributed are having an incredible effect.

The Democrats, and the President, pushed the notion that lockdown was necessary to protect people, all whilst forcing the permanent closure of many small businesses which resulted in countless job losses from employees and owners alike.

The idea that citizens receiving $1,400 from a stimulus check will ‘sharply cut poverty’ is a deluded one.

What’s the only way to actually cut poverty?

Allowing Americans to get back to work, allowing businesses to remain open; because every business is essential to someone, whether that be a worker, an owner, or somebody else, they’re all essential and they need to reopen, now.

The propaganda machine of The Washington Post has been exposed, and it’s about time!