The year 2020 was marked by the controversial killing of George Floyd as well as the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Both have caused country-wide riots and discussion on racism.

Unfortunately, while the situation has gotten much better when compared to the 20th century, the aforementioned occurrences aren’t isolated.

Still, while both the society and state authorities are willing to fight against racism in the times that we are living in, it is pretty hard to distinguish the factual from ostensible cases.

Furthermore, institutions all over the country are claiming that racism towards people of color is ever-present.

With that in mind, the question is - does that mean that the country representatives are taking a part in it as well?

Recent Studies Performed by Stanford Law School

The Youth Justice Lab, which is a hub integrated into the Stanford Law School, concluded their research by suggesting that racism is and has always been triggered by public education institutions.

Additionally, according to their comparison research, the “white meritocracy” is one of the staples for the ongoing discrimination against Black, Hispano, and other people of color.

The main base of these claims is that the public schools exclude members of minority groups from certain educational placements and that it is much harder for a Black or a Hispano person to be accepted into higher ed other than a community college.

They continue by stating that the concept of the “American Dream” isn’t available to everyone.

Stop suggesting you weren’t the slave owner althought you are born almost 200 years after the abolition?

After the study was published, many news channels including CNN were interested to comment on what Stanford’s research hub concluded.

According to the Cable News Network, if we are to put an end to racism everyone needs to stop suggesting that they never took part in slave ownership or that they shouldn’t be blamed for the ongoing problem.

On the other hand, the Youth Justice Lab is interested to conduct further studies on the consequences of the public education caste system and thus stimulate the high ed institutions to do their part.

More Universities Taking Actions Against Racism

Racism is still a present problem of many modern societies.

However, the way educational institutions are trying to fight it doesn’t instill too much hope that things will change for the better.

Moreover, differences between different ethnic groups seem to be becoming even more pronounced.

The best example for that was given by the University of California (May 2020), when the SAT and ACT were dismissed by the board of regents.

Most impressively, they voted unanimously.

Following that example, a few public schools, including the one in Boston decided to dump certain advanced learning classes because there weren’t any Black or Hispano students in those.

A more equal society, or a major stepback?