BLM Protests Turn Ugly With Kids as the Target

The so-called peaceful BLM protests in Louisville, Kentucky, turned ugly on Saturday when the rioters stooped so low as to taunt little kids coming out of a convention center. While the BLM protests were designed to be peaceful, it quickly got out of control as some of the rioters verbally assaulted parents and their children leaving a cheer competition at the city’s convention center.

Details of Incident

According to reports of the incident, some of the BLM protestors lined up by the entrance of the convention center, forcing the families to go through them in order to enter the building. As this was happening, a person was yelling at the competition attendees to do something with their white privilege.

The protestors allegedly also admonished the attendees for simply taking their white children to cheer competitions while black mothers were being forced to bury their kids. Some of the reports detailed that the protestors were armed.

Nobody can explain why the BLM rioters were verbally attacking the little kids. It is certainly not their fault for simply wanting to participate in a cheer competition.

Police Response to BLM Protesters

According to Louisville Metro Police spokeswoman Alicia Smiley, three protestors were arrested as a result of the incident. Two of these individuals were charged with both disorderly conduct and obstructing a highway. The third person was also charged with obstructing a highway as well as menacing and terroristic threatening.

In addition, Smiley said that police officers issued many citations for traffic violations as the protestors engaged in reckless driving and other unlawful activity.