The media is the enemy of the people.

Every thinking American would do well to sear that mantra into their head.

It has been well-known for a long time now by all sensitive and thoughtful people that large media corporations are little more than mouthpieces for the ruling class whose aim is to get the public to believe whatever the ruling class wants it to believe.

The number of utter lies, both large and small, that the media has peddled over the years is too large to count—from the lie about Trump and collusion with Russia to the lie about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it.”

But the lies just continue. They never stop. They only become more brazen and more insulting with time. And the Washington Post recently unleashed yet another such whopper on the subject of the Biden COVID stimulus bill.

WaPo Spreads Propaganda About Government Money Printing

On March 6, the Washington Post issued an almost astonishingly ridiculous tweet along with its article on the $1.9 trillion Biden COVID stimulus bill. The tweet read, in full, “Biden stimulus showers money on Americans, sharply cutting poverty in defining move of presidency.”

The tweet presents things as though Biden, in his wisdom and largesse, is simply giving Americans incredible riches in their time of need, that he is saving them from deprivation and hardship.

Absolutely no aspect of the Washington Post’s tweet is true.

The tweet utterly ignores every part of the economic reality surrounding the stimulus bill. First, it neglects to answer the crucial question of exactly whose money Biden is “showering” Americans with.

Not his own money, surely. Instead, he is “showering” Americans with their own money.

The government does not produce wealth. The government does not and cannot have anything which it does not first pull out of the economy in the form of taxation. It, therefore, cannot create wealth. It only shuffles it around from one person or group to another. And, of course, politicians and government workers must take a cut for themselves, so the amount of money that is redistributed always winds up being less than what was originally taken.

Secondly, this redistribution is not used to fund things according to any test of what actually works or what people want. Private firms must compete to give customers what they want; those who satisfy consumers make profits, and those who don’t suffer losses. The government is subject to no such check. Its spending decisions are made on the basis of purely political considerations as many of the absurd set-asides in this bill indicate. Much government spending, therefore, is blatantly unproductive and creates losses for society.

Thirdly, Americans are currently out of work because of government-mandated lockdowns. At best, the government is “relieving” the poverty that it itself created and is bribing people with their own money.

And lastly, inflation, which is how the spending in this bill will be financed due to the fact that so many businesses are closed down, is a hidden tax. Instead of paying taxes directly, when the government creates more money, Americans end up paying because the value of each of their dollars diminishes.

The very economic premises of Biden’s bill, then, are crazy. But WaPo is a propaganda machine that won’t tell you any of this.