Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott told reporters that he intends to take action that will stop the crimes occurring at the U.S.-Mexico border.

He primarily blamed the lack of efficacy of the new administration policy for the recent surge in border crime.

Abbott described the federal government as responsible for drug and human trafficking in the border areas, and for him, the responsibility lies in the unwillingness of the Biden Administration to make the borders safe and effectively prevent illegal immigration.

Texas Governor emphasized that even though the state supports legal immigration, it will be against the permissive policies that can exacerbate the humanitarian crisis and put human lives in danger.

To combat the crisis, Governor Abbott announced a mobilization of troops jointly led by the Texas National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The deployment will reportedly involve the combined effort of ground, air, marine, and tactical forces to stop border criminals from engaging in various forms of smuggling.

The Ongoing Crisis

Abbott’s statement comes amid the ongoing migrant crisis across the U.S.-Mexico border.

Some sources reported that a large number of unaccompanied children are being kept in extremely inhospitable facilities at U.S. detention centers.

Many children were allegedly even separated from their families during the detainment process.

Axios notes that the daily average of children who arrive in detainment centers increased from 47 in early January to 321 in March.

Estimated 20,000 additional beds would be required to take care of the children expected to arrive.

These high numbers mostly come as a result of the Biden Administration policy that allowed detention centers to work at 100 percent capacity.

The situation is allegedly so dire that, according to some sources, the Administration has thought about giving detention centers a less horrific name of “reception centers”.

A group of lawmakers, including several Democrats, voiced their criticism of Biden’s immigration policy, primarily the part of it which allows authorities to release migrants in the U.S.

Democratic Representative Vicente Gonzalez from Texas described the policy as disastrous for this area of the world.

He expressed his fear that the catch-and-release policy would not only stimulate further floods of migrants who would potentially engage in crime but also damage the efforts to combat the COVID-19 spread that ravaged the country.

Gonzalez said that he believes migrants should wait for the outcome of their asylum procedure either in their home country or in some of the neighboring countries.