Although five months passed since the Presidential election in November 2020, the tension between Trump’s supporters and Joe Biden didn’t go away.

On the contrary, citizens of the second-largest state in the USA, Texas, started deploying a so-called National Guard to fight off problems arising from Biden’s immigration policies.

According to the conducted surveys, millions of Texans don’t support the open-borders that have been imposed by the newly appointed administration.

They suggest that it will only lead to an increase in illegal activity, including human trafficking and drug smuggling.

Additionally, some media outlets even highlight that there have been numerous cases of illegal immigrants being subjected to a COVID19 vaccine treatment over the USA citizens.

Greg Abbot’s Role in the “National Guard”

The representatives of this state suggest that open-borders will contribute to the ongoing pandemic.

To prevent that, as well as the aforementioned criminal activity (drug smuggling), the Texas Governor decided to start an “Operation Lone Star”.

Governor Greg Abbott posted the details of the idea of this operation as well as the assets that are deployed including not only the “National Guard”, but also Texas air, marine, and ground units.

Furthermore, Lone Star would also include DPS officers and tactical groups.

As Governor Abbott has stated, while the State of Texas, its representatives, and the citizens don’t have anything against legal immigration, they are sure that the open-borders and illegal activity will trigger a humanitarian crisis.

Thus, he considers the deployment of military and police personnel to be fully justified.

Immigrant crisis is already here

According to unofficial reports, and the one made by Henry Cuellar, who is a congressman of the Democratic Party, more than 10,000 immigrants were stopped trying to pass the Rio Grande Valley sector in the past couple of days.

Surprisingly, he does agree that the country is in a huge crisis and certainly not prepared to accept such a large number of immigrants (legal and illegal).

For now, President Joe Biden didn’t issue an official statement on the “Operation Lone Star”.

Still, his supporters suggest that it is just another unacceptable act of “white supremacists” that are the biggest threat to the country.

This just goes on to show that even in the state of the economic and pandemic crisis, the easiest way to tackle an issue might be - blame it on the white supremacists.