Judges play a vital role in any legal state, with the duty to interpret and enforce effective regulations and bring decisions by existing precedents.

Unfortunately, there are many causes of position abuse such as the one of Judge Nicole Zellweger.

A few days ago the news of Angela Freiner’s arrest was all over the headlines.

Arrested for the second time in just a couple of weeks, Angela is charged to have tampered with a judicial officer.

Was that the case? According to many, absolutely not.

The Story Behind Angela Freiner and Her Daughter

The first controversial decision was the one that came as a result of a secretly-recorded custody hearing.

As it can be heard on the tape, Judge Zellenger was questioning the daughter of Angela Freiner about the experience that she had with her dad.

While the teenager suggested that she was molested by her father, Zellenger decided that the alleged sexual abuser should have sole custody.

This decision wasn’t accepted by the minor who shocked by the decision repeated multiple times how her father isn’t capable of taking care of her and that he touched her multiple times across the years.

Apparently, Zellenger wasn’t concerned about any of that but rather threatened the teenager that if she keeps on complaining her mother will be arrested so that there will be no one else to take care of her.

The Judge was going by the idea that there isn’t any evidence of molestation and that all the claims are completely baseless.

Incarceration of Angela Freiner and the Teenager

Following the hearing, and due to the fact that Freiner’s daughter wasn’t willing to go to the man who sexually abused her, also taking her to sleep at a home of a third-degree sexual offender for over a week, Angela was incarcerated for two days (though she didn’t commit any felony).

Furthermore, the teenager was sent to a St Louis Child’s Hospital on the basis that she was “mentally unstable”.

After Angela left the jail, she sent a revolting mail to the Judge, rightfully claiming that she wants her daughter to be released from the mental ward and that the St Louis county or the Missouri judicial system don’t have any right to keep the teenager incarcerated with the idea of transporting her over the state lines.

Angela Freiner Arrested for the Second Time

Given the fact that Judge Zellenger seems to be going by her rules, she was able to successfully issue an arrest warrant for Angela Freiner the second time, with the release bond being set at $75,000.

Knowing that the mother of an abused teenager doesn’t have a stable income this was the best way to keep her quiet and stop further discussion on the made decisions.

While most Judges in the USA do their best to enhance public trust and protect the legal rights of the citizens, Zellenger isn’t one of them and we sincerely hope that she will be removed from the office in the near future.