Andrew Cuomo’s scandal over how he and his administration lied about, understated, and outright hid nursing home COVID death totals might be the most egregious and infamous in the country right now, but Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer appears poised to give him stiff competition in the race to determine who is the nation’s most incompetent and criminally negligent governor.

Whitmer, who has curtailed civil liberties in her state with draconian lockdown orders that she continued in blatant defiance of judges’ orders, is now embroiled in a similar nursing home scandal to Cuomo’s. Plus, she may end up having criminal charges filed against her.

Criminal Charges for Whitmer?

As with her New York counterpart, Whitmer’s health department also issued an order to admit COVID-positive patients into nursing homes. Predictably, as in New York, Michigan’s nursing homes turned into death traps for the elderly.

Now, the County Prosecutor from Macomb County, Michigan, Peter Lucido, is considering filing criminal charges against Whitmer for this horrendous and disastrous decision.

Lucido’s proposed lawsuit will be similar to a large class-action lawsuit against Cuomo that is currently building steam in New York. The New York suit has nursing home staff and prosecutors coming together to hold him criminally liable for the ghastly results of his nursing home policy, which is estimated to have caused as many as 15,000 avoidable deaths.

Currently, the law prevents Lucido from acquiring information about the nature of Michigan’s wrongful COVID nursing home deaths, but he is appealing to relatives of the deceased to file wrongful death complaints and voluntarily provide him with that information.

This is an escalation of an information-gathering effort on the matter that Lucido began in 2020 when he was a Michigan senator. In August of that year, he issued a statement announcing that he was able to find evidence of 2,000 nursing home residents and 21 staff across Michigan dying because of COVID.

Lucido, who is a Republican, appealed to Democrats in the state to help him set up a blue-ribbon investigative panel to look into the matter more deeply, but he was refused.

Speaking to 7 Action News, he said, “I didn’t receive a very warm welcome. This is not political, everyone. This is about people who passed away at the behest of a policy that was created by the governor.”

It remains to be seen what will come of Lucido’s efforts.