American Civil Liberties Union has gotten more than a thousand requests, with the demand for them to apologize to the two workers that were the target of racial discrimination accusations.

The events of this story happened almost three years ago, on July 31st, 2018 when a student said she was eating in a college cafeteria when security was called just because she was black.

ACLU decided to investigate and said that the workers were indeed racist toward the student.

Last month, however, The New York times took on the story and gave more attention to the fact that three months after the incident, Smith College hired a law firm, that found no persuasive evidence of bias.

ACLU has not retracted their statements and only just took down the original article that was reporting the story.

What really happened on July 31st?

The student, Kanoute was working as a teaching assistant on that day.

Kanoute has woken up late and went to the Tyler House cafeteria, where she sat down to eat lunch.

Turns out that the cafeteria was off-limits to teaching assistants and was instead reserved for teenage summer camps.

Jackie Blair, one of the cafeteria employees, said she met Ms. Kanoute when she was having her lunch but decided to let her be.

Ms. Kanoute then went to the living room of a dormitory closed for the summer, where she sat down.

A janitor who was about 60 feet away and couldn’t see her perfectly, was doing his work when he saw someone in that lounge.

The summer camp had requirements for all students to go through background checks, and the employees had to call on security in this type of situation, instead of confronting them by themselves.

The janitor, who worked there for 35 years, called the security and told them that there was a person in the dining room and that he thought she seemed out of place.

As the student was sitting in a shadowy place, the janitor did not recognize whether the student was a man or a woman, however, he did say that she was black, but that was not mentioned in the call to the security.

Ms. Kanoute even accused him of “misgendering” her

A campus security officer talked to Ms. Kanoute and apologized for bothering her due to the misunderstanding, while she recorded the whole conversation.

Later that evening, Ms. Kanoute published a post on Facebook, where she basically accused the whole Smith college of racism.

This post blew like wildfire, making the president of the college officially apologize and put the janitor on paid leave that day, without even talking to him.

The fallout

Kanoute went on to share Jackie Blair and Mark Patenaude’s personal information while accusing them of racism.

Needless to say, they got every type of message imaginable, many of them containing threats.

The janitor got 3 months of paid leave and then returned to the job, while Blair was laid off last year during the pandemic.

Recently she tried to get a new job, however, the interviewer recognized her as ‘that racist woman’.

Turns out that even after New York Times’s article the ACLU has yet to apologize and make amends for ruining two workers’ lives.