Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, plans to launch his own social media site after the Twitter ban for his questioning of the 2020 election’s regularity.

On Wednesday, while appearing on Charlie Kirk’s podcast, Lindell disclosed his plans to launch a new social media website in the next few weeks.

Additionally, he defined the website as a cross-hybrid between Youtube and Twitter.

Lindell said that they are launching a new platform that will cover all American voices, adding that you will not need YouTube or any other website since everyone will be able to practice free speech.

Lindell’s Website

Lindell said that the reason for launching the website is the ‘election fraud machine’ after an electoral technology company Dominion sued Lindell and other Trump supporters of 1.3 billion in damages.

The Dominion accused him of spreading baseless claims according to which President Joe Biden used voting technologies to steal the 2020 elections.

Looking back on the lawsuit, MyPillow founder predicts that Dominion has no chance of winning the case.

Website Background

According to Lindell, he has been working on his social media site for four years, and it is expected that it will be launched in the next three weeks.

Lindell emphasized that the new platform would be different from the likes of Parler or Gab , social media websites oftenly affiliated with the alt-right.

The website would include live and recorded videos, text posts, and other features typically associated with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, which until now are the three major social media sites that have ruled the market without any competition.

CEO of MyPillow stated that every single influencer person on the planet could use his platform, and especially those silenced by the biased policies of large social networks.

Website Management

Regarding the website management, Lindell said they wouldn’t rely on Amazon Web Services, instead, they would use their own servers, learned from the negative experiences that Parler had with providers of hosting services.

According to Lindell, he is daily attacked by hackers, and expects the attacks to intensify when the website goes live.

Speaking about potential investors in the project, he said that there are none at the moment, but also that about 10 people are involved in the project in various ways.

For obvious security reasons, Lindell refused to name any of them.

Lindell Twitter Ban

Lindell is a well-known supporter of President Donald Trump.

In January, just days after the Capitol riots, his Twitter account was suspended after the social media company began restricting information, pointing to the threat of further violence.

In February, Lindell made a three-hour long film about the election which was banned by the biggest names in the video streaming industry, YouTube and Vimeo.