The strife between FOX anchor Tucker Carlson and the New York Times (NYT) does not seem to be approaching the end any time soon.

The controversy started when Carlson commented on tweets NYT reporter Taylor Lorenz wrote to mark International Women’s Day on Monday.

Lorenz invited her followers to support women who are facing online harassment and to avoid any indecision and suspicion in doing so.

NYT reporter pointed to her example, saying that she experienced a lot of stress when dealing with various attacks and that she found consolation in developing trauma bonds with women who experienced similar problems.

However, Carlson responded to Lorenz by putting her in his show’s segment on ‘powerful people who claim to be powerless’.

FOX anchor compared Lorenz to other women he sees as fake victims, such as Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Meghan Markle.

Carlson further said that Lorenz lives one of the best possible lives in the U.S., contrary to her claims about her life being destroyed.

He even described Lorenz as holding a high position in the journalist hierarchy despite her inferior talent compared to some other NYT reporters and some people who are out of work.

NYT responds

NYT promptly responded in defense of her colleague.

In a brief statement, the paper described Carlson’s behavior as belonging to the ‘calculated and cruel tactic’ he frequently uses against people he dislikes.

NYT also wrote that Lorenz is a talented journalist whose work is crucial for NYT, adding that no journalist should experience harassment.

Expectedly, it did not take very long for Carlson to respond to the NYT statement.

During another episode of his show, FOX anchor emphasized that, unlike the New York City paper, he never deployed his staff members to find home addresses of journalists who criticize him.

By saying this, Carlson implicitly referred to NYT’s last year attempt to obtain Carlson’s home address.

FOX anchor added that it is funny how NYT permits itself to attack others while, at the same time, hides behind the shield of ‘journalism’ to avoid accountability when others criticize it for its actions.

The clash provoked various people to react on social media, mostly taking the side they usually favor.

Given the duration of back-and-forth accusations between the representatives of two media outlets, it does not seem that the strife will end anytime soon.