The past couple of months have been pretty rough for David Daleiden, a pro-life journalist, who was sued and ordered to pay a sum of $15.8 million to the Planned Parenthood organization.

It all started when Daleiden published controversial videos of the PP officials discussing and making deals to send body parts of the aborted babies.

As expected, everyone found this revolting, and Planned Parenthood was publically shamed for which the reason they sued David Daleiden, with the verdict being brought in their favor.

This decision was deemed as an act against free speech, and the journalist filed an appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Apparently, he isn’t alone as several attorney generals and the PETA group publically declared their support.

Why Is PETA Involved?

Apart from the fact that the representatives and members of the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals were shocked by the released videos, they support Daleiden in order to prove that anti-speech rulings should be a big no.

Throughout the past couple of years, they had numerous issues because of agriculture regulations that protect the industry and make their job of proving domestic animal abuse much harder.

Justifiably, the PETA organization thinks that if the $15.8 million anti-free speech verdict goes unnoticed, they won’t have any chance in fighting with powerful agricultural businesses.

The most surprising point of this lawsuit is that although the opinion of the US Supreme Court is that free speech can’t be denied even when it comes to “false statements”, the district court ruled otherwise.

Importance of Back-Alley Reporting

Along with several advocacy groups, attorney generals, and PETA, a few other organizations, including MFA, Animal Outlook and the Government Accountability Project stood behind David Daleiden.

According to them, undercover journalists have played a vital role in objective reporting for almost two centuries, revealing a series of controversies in the process (Blackwell’s Island Insane Asylum; Mortimer Thompson’s reports on slave trade).

With this in mind, it is more surprising how William Orrick III, who is a judge of the US district court, ordered $2.2 million in damages as a ruling in the RICO lawsuit and related to the security costs for Planned Parenthood employees.

Planet Parenthood Officials Didn’t Deny the Authenticity

You would expect that a reputable organization such as the PP does its best to dismiss any relation to the sting videos that Daleiden has published.

However, throughout the hearing, no one denied the authenticity of those recordings which makes the verdict even more shocking.

The court suggested what Daleiden presented can’t be considered as factual evidence of criminal activities.

A perfect example of a crooked and rationless ruling, don’t you agree?