According to CNN host Chris Cuomo, the right side of the political aisle is coming down hard on Meghan Markle because they cannot accept a multiracial female criticizing the white British monarchy. Cuomo went on his rant during the Tuesday night broadcast of his news program.

Interview Leads to Massive Fallout

The Sunday night interview of Prince Harry and Markle has divided the world, with some people taking the side of the royal family and others rushing to sympathize with Harry and Meghan. The interview was conducted by talk show queen Oprah Winfrey, a friend of both Harry and Meghan.

The royal family broke their silence by issuing an official statement on Tuesday, saying that they were saddened by the allegations from Harry and Meghan.

However, the statement stopped short of denying any claims that racial discrimination played a part in why Harry and Meghan split from the royal party and moved to the U.S.

Cuomo Compared Markle’s Criticism to COVID-19 Legislation

Cuomo used the fact that nobody on the right has voted to pass President Joe Biden’s aggressive $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package of how conservatives are continuing to use white superiority to suppress others. He said the Republicans are simply passing more legislation designed to disenfranchise minorities.

Cuomo went on to say that the cancellation of Markle and the ongoing debate about frivolous issues such as banning Dr. Seuss books are only brought up to distract Americans. Rather than talk about important issues such as the January 6 attacks on the U.S. Capitol or the continuing attempt to suppress voting rights, the conservatives would rather criticize Markle.