Amid the progressive allegations that are gaining momentum through the state legislature against Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, primary steps are being considered by lawmakers to set his impeachment in motion.

The State Assembly, after convening a three-hour-long emergency meeting, declared the onset of an investigation into the multitude of allegations made against Cuomo with the primary objective of unearthing the truth behind sexual harassment claims and the pandemic-related deaths of the nursing home patients.

Apologies and explanations

Cuomo continues to deny damaging claims made against him by a female aide who accused him of sexual misconduct towards her.

Although he refused to comment any further regarding the specifics of the allegations, Cuomo stated his confidence in the attorney general’s report.

The investigation will also look into the insinuation of a cover–up of the number of deaths caused by COVID – 19 of the nursing home patients.

The Cuomo administration has been accused of deliberately issuing lower estimates and withholding accurate reports.

The sheer lack of transparency and ability to take responsibility over the errors committed by his administration led to further confusion and criticism from both the public and the lawmakers.

Loyalty Called into Question

With approximately 59 Democrats from the State Legislature stating their demands that Cuomo resigns from his position due to the numerous allegations stacking up against him; it is widely believed that his own party members may have turned their backs on him.

Along with the speculation of mistrust stemming from the left-wing of the party, his weaning leadership skills have only added fuel to the existing tormented relationship with the Democrats in Albany.

At a time when forming relationships with potential allies is crucial to decide the future of his career, the Governor finds himself isolated and openly criticized, as the traces of fear, power, and respect he once held are seeming to diminish.

Lawmakers resorted to the decision of taking drastic measures by commencing the process of impeachment of the Governor as it was strongly believed that a mere statement demanding his resignation would not have sufficed.

With the possibility of retribution and backlash in the aftermath of voicing out against Cuomo, several lawmakers continue to hold their silence.

However, with the increasing number of witnesses and testimonies against Cuomo and support extended from President Biden and Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, an unbiased investigation is under full swing.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the duration of the process, it will assuredly determine the Governor’s fate upon its due conclusion.