Since Biden won the election in November, the tensions between his and Trump’s supporters have been on a rise.

This isn’t a surprise, considering that more than 73 million people voted for the former President, but also proving that the USA is heavily divided, especially now during the humanitarian crisis.

With that in mind, the headlines of most leftist media don’t make any sense when you consider that the riots they highlight now happened back in January.

On the other hand, it is quite challenging to find any objective reports on how supporters of the “Black Lives Matter” and “Antifa” stormed Portland just a day ago.

What Happened at the Portland Riots?

As you probably know, Merrick Garland, a former federal judge, and an ex-prosecutor has been confirmed as an attorney general and will lead the United States Department of Justice.

It is pretty interesting how a few of his statements (during the confirmation hearing), including the one in which he suggested that daytime riots should be considered as terrorism match what BLM and Antifa did.

What remains to be seen is whether any one of the people involved will be charged with acts of terrorism.

Honestly, we doubt it.

There are more than a few witness-videos posted on Twitter that show how BLM/Antifa supporters were provoking the federal officers, throwing rocks and flammable liquid at them, while cursing the United States in the process.

While the federal officers kept calm, a few of the Antifa attackers provoked them shouting “shoot me” and throwing items at those men.

Retreating to the Federal Courthouse

It seems like the “militants” waited for the perfect opportunity to attack the federal courthouse, as protective barriers got removed just a few days prior to these riots.

Instructed not to answer the provocations, police started retreating into the building when a couple of windows were smashed by the Antifa/BLM supporters.

Not an Isolated Case

Yesterday was a pretty tough time to be in Portland as apart from the FC the attackers also charged the Chase Bank, stopped at the lobby.

Apparently, the security guard wasn’t a big fan of what they were doing and gave them a couple of warnings that he will shoot if they don’t leave immediately.

Furthermore, one of the largest retailers, Wells Fargo, was attacked during its working hours.

What Is the Public Reaction?

Unfortunately, most of the public, apart from those that were in Portland at the time haven’t been informed of these riots.

It is pretty sad to know that Democrats and Biden’s office won’t condemn these attacks even though they were directed towards the federal government.