By now, just about anyone with a brain strongly suspects that the mainstream Republican Party is little more than a massive grift operation.

Looking at the pitiful and disgusting saga of the Lincoln Project—the anti-Trump PAC formed to smear Trump and remove him from office, and which the media never tired of telling us was led by Republicans—provides overwhelmingly strong evidence for this suspicion.

For one thing, the group’s co-founder, John Weaver, has a sordid history as an alleged pedophile. He allegedly groomed multiple young men associated with the group and demanded sexual favors from them in exchange for career advice. In total, 21 men have come forward to also accuse Weaver of online sexual harassment.

Of course, the rest of the group’s leadership was quick to deny knowing anything about these allegations when they first began surfacing, but multiple insiders have already come forward to assure everyone that these protestations of innocence are sheer nonsense.

Like scrambling rats, the other co-founders—Rick Wilson, George Conway, Steve Schmidt, and some others—have been desperately trying to escape this sinking ship. But they all knew what Weaver was up to, and furthermore, many working at the Lincoln Project have also said that Schmidt repeatedly described it as his vehicle to achieve “generational wealth.”

The Lincoln Project was never anything more than a grift operation run by spineless cowards and opportunists. And since it has outlived its usefulness, the mainstream media refuses to defend it any longer.

Even the New York Times is sick of it.

The Times Writes an Expose on the Lincoln Project

The New York Times has recently penned an in-depth expose of the crimes of the Lincoln Project. The rot runs even deeper than many thought.

In short, the Times piece points out that these people were always only in it for the money, that they wanted to build media companies that could rake in dough. The Times describes the viral videos made by the Lincoln Project as “a psy-ops campaign intended to drive President Donald J. Trump to distraction.”

The thing to remember from all this is that the mainstream Republican Party has never been truly interested in opposing the left in any meaningful way.

They are content to allow the left to remain in power and play the role of controlled opposition in exchange for a few pats on the head, some sinecures, and a couple of other measly snaps from the table.

If your whole existence revolves around selling out your ostensible constituents for the sake of making “compromises” with the enemy—an enemy that has nothing but contempt for the people you claim to represent and which openly wants to destroy them—then you are probably an unprincipled, Machiavellian grifter.

And that is what the establishment GOP consists of.

But sucking up to power doesn’t mean that you’ll ever be allowed to taste power. It only means that you’ll be used and then tossed aside.

Even though the criminals at the Lincoln Project deserve what is happening to them, everyone can all stand to learn from their example.