Founded to challenge popular social networks including Facebook and Twitter, GAB is widely recognized for its unbending free speech policy.

Although it has millions of users and supporters from the Republican Party, GAB still became a controversial subject.

It all started a few days ago, when the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, stated that the platform is clearly anti-semitic and that it should be banned.

His claims spread far resulting in a swift response from the Republican Party of Texas.

According to them, GAB doesn’t discriminate along racial lines, and free speech on this platform is available to everybody.

GAB Representatives Denying the Charges

Alarmed by Abbott’s accusations, GAB dismissed any of the charges, offering proof that their platform doesn’t discriminate and that all the users are equal.

As the representatives suggested, the First Amendment is something that the platform protects under all means, and race, ethnicity, or religion doesn’t have anything to do with it.

In the end, they suggested that anybody who doesn’t believe this can have an insight into their user’s database and find thousands of Jewish people that never encountered any issue.

Along with the idea of combating censorship on Facebook and Twitter, GAB integrated intuitive physical servers in order to avoid restrictions and geo-blockades (something that Amazon Web imposes).

Republicans of Texas Will Keep Their Account on GAB

In the response to the Governor, the Republicans of Texas stated that they don’t plan to delete their GAB accounts.

The first one among them was Col. Allen West (former congressman), who said that the Republican Party of Texas strongly supports the freedom of speech declared by the First Amendment and that there is no room for censorship, even when it comes to claims and allegations that they don’t agree with.

Furthermore, Col. Allen West suggested that the Vice President, Cat Parks, has the right to withdraw from the platform, and ask others to do it as much as they have the free will to say no.

What started out as a controversy soon resulted in massive support for the members of the Republican Party of Texas.

Even the representatives of the GAB tweeted that Col. Allen West should be the new governor.

Still, they suggested that there aren’t any hard feelings between them and Greg Abbott, publically inviting him to join their platform.

Will he do it?

Well, we strongly doubt it but it is great to know that for this one time rationless allegations were successfully dismissed.