Brian Stelter is not really a news host or a journalist. Even to call him an overt propagandist would be excessively kind. He is something for which adequate words don’t quite exist, but one thing about him is abundantly clear: The only reason why he continues to be employed is that he is always willing to parrot regime talking points, no matter how absurd they are, without even the slightest hesitation. And he is good at that job precisely because no reality outside of the one which is carefully constructed by the established regime even exists for him.

His consistent outrage over even the most obviously accurate criticisms of that regime is completely idiotic, but it is always genuinely felt. That’s why he’s allowed to have a show.

After all, the best actors and propagandists are the ones who never have to act or knowingly lie.

Given all of this, it’s to be expected that when people inevitably began criticizing Biden’s doddering and frail demeanor during his March 11 speech — and pointing out the vagueness and incoherence of the speech itself — Stelter would freak out.

And freak out he most certainly did.

Stelter Loses it

After Biden’s speech, Fox News primetime host Sean Hannity criticized it. In doing so, he merely pointed out the obvious. He talked about how throughout, Biden looked like he was at death’s door, that he was squinting constantly at his teleprompter, even though it displayed words for him in an enormous font.

But it wasn’t just Biden’s appearance that was creepy and ghoulish; his words were as well. His speech was peppered with all sorts of vague allusions to what might happen to Americans who had decided that they no longer wished to live like rats. It was a creepy and totalitarian message that told millions of ordinary people that they could be punished for simply living their lives.

As Hannity discussed all of this, he ran a chyron across his screen which read, “Low Bar: Biden Survives Short, Scripted Speech.” Of course, Brian Stelter saw this, had a conniption fit and took to Twitter. Stelter complained that Hannity would have the temerity to refer to Biden in this way while the president “addresses the country about one of its worst crises,” and then he shrieked that “Fox used to wrap itself in the American flag.”

In Brian Stelter’s world, criticizing the president is apparently unpatriotic. How this can possibly be the case when America is a country that was founded in a war against the then-ruling government is beyond me.

And of course, it’s only “unpatriotic” to criticize a president when Stelter himself — or more accurately, his corporate paymasters — like that president. When Stelter, the major corporations and the political class don’t like a president, the “patriotic” thing to do, apparently, is to lie about him relentlessly.

No one who knows about how Stelter talked about former President Trump should take him seriously here — or anywhere, for that matter.