The more time passes, the more evidence we seem to get that we’re living in a period of terminal decline. Our political and societal leaders are often absurdly, even hilariously corrupt, incompetent, mendacious and malevolent.

At best, they are utterly useless. At worst, they are psychotically committed to the destruction of the very things that allow this country to continue functioning.

One looking for examples of such things will be immediately confronted with an embarrassment of riches. But let us focus on the case of California Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell for a moment.

Swalwell was one of the most vociferous boosters of the lie that Donald Trump had colluded with the Russians and that the 2016 election was hacked or interfered with by the Russian government.

At no time did Swalwell ever present any evidence for any of these ridiculous assertions — since there was none to present, how could he? — but this did not stop him from making them.

In any competently run government, in any functional society, such a person would be forced out of his position of authority and would be laughed at constantly until he apologized for being so irresponsible. Not only did that not happen, but the full saga of Swalwell was far worse.

It seems that as he was making up crazy stories about Trump and the Russians, Swalwell had a Chinese spy named Fang Fang present in his own Congressional Office! And not only that, but he seems to have carried on a sexual relationship with her. Since Swalwell is on the House Intelligence Committee, there’s no telling what sorts of secrets he could have shared with this Chinese honeypot during pillow talk.

Whatever they accuse you of doing is what they are doing themselves.

But as obvious as it is that a person like Swalwell should have no power, no one even thought to do the obvious and remove him from the House Intelligence Committee. He has continued to receive top secret information.

But finally, Representative Kevin McCarthy has introduced a resolution to remove him.

McCarthy Does What Should Have Been Done Long Ago

On Saturday, March 13, McCarthy announced on Twitter that the following week, he would introduce a resolution to remove Swalwell from the House Intelligence Committee. “Swalwell should not be on the panel in charge of guarding our nation’s secrets,” he said.

But why is this only happening now? Why was Swalwell not immediately removed. If Marjorie Taylor Greene can be stripped of her committee appointments because of comments that she made years ago, why is Swalwell not kicked out for being compromised by a Chinese spy?

More importantly, why did Nancy Pelosi reappoint him to the position?

This dangerous insanity should really speak for itself.

Democrats, as usual, only care about preserving their power. It makes no difference to them if the country burns to a cinder. And Republicans, also as usual, do not actually want to meaningfully fight the Democrats and take power from them. If they did, Swalwell would have been thrown out long ago.