An Iraq War veteran named Joshua James is currently being held without bond by the FBI on suspicion of going to the January 6 Capitol Hill rally that degenerated into a riot after Antifa and BLM infiltrated the crowds and the Capitol police allowed rioters to enter the Capitol building.

The entire raid which resulted in James’ arrest was clearly planned to intimidate and terrify both him and his family.

As has already been clear to astute observers for many years, the FBI is simply the enforcement arm of the political establishment, a tool by which the politically powerful can hunt down and persecute their enemies under the cover of law.

This latest shameful and shocking incident only makes that more evident.

Police State Tactics

To arrest James, the FBI used a set of tactics that would make even the Gestapo or the KGB blush with embarrassment. They lured him out of his home in Alabama by lying to him and pretending to be one of his customers. Then, the FBI proceeded to descend upon him with a squadron consisting of an armored vehicle with a turret, three local police cars, two FBI vans, and six additional FBI vehicles.

Such absurdly overwhelming force was not necessary to arrest one unarmed man. Obviously, the purpose of this raid was to terrify Joshua James and his family. That family, by the way, consists of a wife, Audrey, who works on commission as a part-time realtor, and three young children. James, therefore, is the primary breadwinner for his family, and he cannot support them while being held captive by the FBI.

The charges against him are dubious, at best, since it is clear that much of the narrative surrounding the January 6 riot was a blatant fabrication. The Capitol police still refuse to release crucial documents about their foreknowledge of this rioting — perhaps to protect the truly guilty. All this because Joshua James had the temerity to support a man, Donald Trump, whom the establishment rabidly and irrationally despises.

When the FBI ransacked James’ home, Audrey James was forced to sit outside for eight hours with her 3-year-old child.

Because Audrey James has little to no income, she has set up a fundraising page to help her support her children after the FBI took her husband away.

They say on the page that the FBI has denied him bail because though he “doesn’t have a criminal background and has strong ties to the community and is not believed to be a flight risk and may not have been violent that day, he continues to have communication with members of Oath Keeps after the 6th, which proves he has no remorse for the events of that day.”

In short, the FBI arrested a man on the basis of nothing and possibly threw his family into destitution just to throw its weight around and allow powerful people to persecute those whom they don’t like.