The Donna facility in Texas, which opened up again last month despite facing heavy backlash, is now operating at 729% over its allowed capacity, as the Biden Administration continues to be ignorant regarding the crisis at the southern border.

The reopening of this facility was justified by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, claiming that it was reopened to align with Covid’s safety guidelines to ensure no children would become infected with the virus.

The facility is able to hold up to 250 migrants safely, yet is currently occupied by 1,800.

Now, according to a report from CBS News, kids are sleeping on the floor, going a week without having a wash, and are going hungry.

No more mean tweets though!

Many on the left believed that things would change after President Joe Biden defeated the evil scourge that was the Orange Man, as they referred to President Donald Trump.

Little did they realize!

Many Hollywood and D-list celebrities celebrated on Twitter and Instagram after the election, proclaiming that there will be no more kids in cages thanks to President Biden when, in fact, his policy of ignoring the problem and hoping it will go away has backfired, with illegal border crossings skyrocketing six times higher than they were under the Obama Administration.

According to the CBS report, the month of February saw 9,500 unaccompanied children enter the custody of the United States border forces, a 21-month high, with many believing that President Biden would ‘catch and release’ them.

Numerous reports indicate that the conditions in the overcrowded Donna facility are ‘inhumane’, the very same buzzword the left used to describe President Donald Trump’s border policies, which saw a dramatic drop in illegal crossings.

Neha Desai, a lawyer who operates on behalf on migrant children in government custody, has stated that many children have reported that they were unable to see the sun in the Donna facility, as they were not allowed outside for activities.

Desai states that this became a common theme, with more children reporting similar circumstances, with some even claiming the only time that they ever got up in the facility was to go to the bathroom.

How does this compare to Trump?

Many high-level Democrats were quick to the draw regarding President Trump’s effective border policies, with the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi even inciting violence, claiming that she was surprised there hadn’t been any uprisings regarding his policies.

However, the measures implemented by the Orange Man were effective in keeping kids out of the Biden-sponsored cages and ensuring that traffic at the border was manageable.

Trump’s zero-tolerance policy on illegal migrants crossing the border was met with heavy criticism, being labeled as evil and inhumane, yet it led to a huge drop in illegal border crossing, decreasing the risk of innocent kids being picked up by ‘coyotes’ to be used to cross over.

Unlike Trump, President Biden is happy to allow as many migrants in as possible, all without Covid checks, before lumping them in overcrowded facilities that make prison look like a summer holiday.