President Joe Biden’s nomination for associate attorney general in the Department of Justice, Vanita Gupta, faces a tough road ahead of her, after her past comments regarding Republican Senators and racial bias were dug up during her hearing.

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa was quick to make the Senate aware of the previous comments that Gupta had made, citing that she had used her Twitter feed last year to describe the Republican National Convention as ‘three nights of racism, xenophobia, and outrageous lies.’

What other comments were made?

Gupta has a very interesting Twitter feed, with some very interesting takes; takes that she carries over into the real world.

As well as effectively labeling numerous Republican Senators and Representatives as racists, she has also claimed in the past that every single American holds ‘implicit and racial biases’.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton pointed out the remarks made by Gupta to Senator John Corryn in a Senate committee meeting after he asked her if she believed that all Americans are racist.

She also claimed in the same meeting that every institution in the United States was ‘touched by institutionalized racism’, which led to Sen. Cotton asking her if she believed if Joe Biden’s White House was racist during her confirmation hearing.

Did she defend?

The Senators posed two very simple questions to the nominee, questions which she avoided like the plague.

They asked; what racial biases does she hold, and does she believe that President Biden’s White House is institutionally racist?

She ducked and dodged these questions like any typical Democrat would.

Gupta explained that although every American holds a bias against races, this does not mean they are inherently racist, they just hold ‘unconscious stereotypes’ that are often able to manifest.

Sen. Cotton wasn’t convinced by her answer, asking her again to explain what biases she herself holds.

This led to the first monologue by the nominee, as she stated that she was aware of the stereotypes that she held and was working on managing them.

She also stated that she was a ‘product of her own culture’, something which she linked to the ‘human condition’, before claiming that having implicit bias is something that is shared by the human condition (or something like that!).

Cotton then followed up his question, asking if she believed that Biden’s White House was institutionally racist.

Again, Gupta dodged the question entirely, proceeding to gift the committee with yet another monologue, where she details the history of the United States with slavery and the Jim Crow laws, citing that these practices have allowed the issue of racism to remain strong in the US even in today’s society.

Cotton dismissed her statements, citing her refusal to answer two simple questions, damaging her hopes of being confirmed to the DOJ.