Months after the inception of violent Antifa protests in Portland, Oregon, Mayor Ted Wheeler seemingly decided to address the issue.

Following the recent surge in violence, which included the 20th homicide in the city this year, Wheeler announced that he would seek U.S. $2 million to fund the additional police patrol specially designed to combat the rising crime challenges.

The patrol is planned to involve two sergeants and 12 police officers, along with retired police officers who might be called in to help with current affairs the city is struggling with.

For the proposal to be adopted, the requested funding must be approved by the majority of city council members who will be presented with the plan during the following weeks.

The video conference Wheeler held several days ago indicates that the Portland Mayor is pretty serious with these plans and actions, emphasizing that the city leaders are considering how to use the resources they have to tackle the issue, and which strategy they might implement along the way.

The event involved other participants, such as former Oregon Assembly members Avel Gordly and Margaret Carter, as well as former Portland Trail Blazers star Terry Porter.

Former lawmakers stated that violent protests do not help the cause of justice for black people.

Carter even compared these actions to civil marches she attended before, saying that protesters did not damage any property in the past and did not try to stir the country in a leftist direction of chaos and anarchy.

Porter, on the other hand, stressed that even though the riots are meant to protect the rights of black people, they did not result in actually making himself and other African-Americans any safer.

The awakening

Several commentators described Wheeler’s announcement as a kind of awakening after months of inaction toward the violent riots organized by Antifa and other leftist groups.

They pointed out that the Portland Mayor tried to appease the rioters by preventing the police to effectively tackle the violence and even limiting the local police budget.

Even the gun violence reduction team was dissolved following the violent protests that damaged the property of local businesses and institutions.

It seems the way local officials approach the situation has ostensibly changed.

A good example is a recent action in which police took the personal information of around 100 marchers and arrested 13 of them, along with a person who threw a beer can at a police officer.

Recently issued three-year probation for a protester who broke a window during one of the previous protests, as well as a change in rhetoric and the upcoming increase in police funding also suggest that the approach toward extremists would be less indulgent in the future.