In January, The Washington Post ran a story claiming that President Donald Trump had partaken in a private phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, demanding him to find more illegal votes in order to swing the election back his way.

The story, which was tipped off to the Post by an ‘anonymous source’, claimed that the then President stated that the secretary would become a ‘national hero’ if he was able to find the votes that Trump was looking for.

This story was produced as an expose piece, with the Post claiming that Trump’s actions could align with obstruction of justice charge, and other major US media outlets jumped on board, all claiming they had spoken to an anonymous source or had confirmed the story ‘independently’.

The media…lied?

Shock and horror, who would’ve thought that the media lied again just to try and make President Trump look like the villain? Well, on Monday, the lies of The Washington Post started to unravel, as they were forced to retract the story they published in January regarding the President’s phone call, as the true contents of the call came to light.

The Secretary of State has released the audio of the call, which confirms that Trump did not ask for them to ‘find the fraud’, instead, he stated that the secretary had the ‘most important job in the country’, and that if his investigator went looking, then she would find ‘dishonesty’ amongst the ballots in Fulton County.

This release came after the state of Georgia had claimed that there has been no recording of the call made, before then claiming the audio file was discovered in the trash folder on the computer belonging to the secretary.

Which other outlets jumped the gun too soon?

A common theme has started to occur across all major media outlets in the United States, that being that they jump on stories too quickly without fact-checking them properly and actually doing their homework.

This theme has been rampant throughout the years, with the media misreporting on both the Jussie Smollet and the Jacob Blake stories without knowing all of the facts.

Now, outlets such as CNN, ABC, and NBC had all claimed back in January that they had independently confirmed the story that originated in the Post, with all three claiming they had spoken to sources who were informed on the matter.

Two worrying claims can come from this; either every major media outlet is dense enough to believe the first thing that comes out of a sources mouth, without going through the necessary checks to confirm the details and the credibility of the source, or, the media deliberately lied about the sources just so they could run the same story!

Pick your scenario, since both are sad and terrifying, and say a lot about the media today.

The first displays the sheer incompetence of modern-day journalists, who continually make massive errors when collecting information regarding a story, and the second displays pure cynicism on the part of the media, who have become so partisan against Republicans that they are knowingly making up sources in order to support a baseless story.

Either way, the state of the media in the United States today is in drastic need of improvement, so God help us all!