On Monday, the Vatican took the expected step of reaffirming the Roman Catholic Church’s stance on marriage. The Church will continue to adhere to its doctrine that biblical marriage is designed to be between one man and one woman while condemning homosexual acts. As such, the Vatican will not bless same-sex marriages.

Mainstream Media Acts Shocked at Affirmation

While this affirmation is not at all unexpected to anyone who understands the 2,000-year-old doctrines of the Church, the mainstream media has reacted as if this is some type of shocking breaking news. Despite the New Testament being clear about homosexual marriage, the media is jumping on this decision as if it came out of the left-field, spinning it as breaking news.

CNN, The Washington Post, and The Associated Press all used clickbait headlines to mislead its viewers and readers regarding the decision.

Pope Francis at Center of Debate

Pope Francis has continued to support the idea of state protections for civil unions. However, he has stopped short of leading people to believe that the Church would completely change its marriage doctrine. Just because the Pope has supported the need to provide dignity to all people, including the homosexual population, the media should not be surprised that he would reaffirm the Church’s doctrine on marriage.

Details of Ruling

The reaffirmation of the Church’s stance on marriage was offered on Monday by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

This is the official body of the Vatican that enforces the Church’s orthodox conventions. The report instructed churches to bless individual people with homosexual inclinations, however, stopped short of condoning the blessings of their same-sex marriages.