A Pennsylvania cheer mom has been arrested after she doctored a series of pictures of her daughter’s cheerleading rivals and sent them to the coaches. In addition to creating the deepfake photos, the mom also sent the rival girls threatening messages.

Details of Arrest

According to the Hilltown Township Police Department, Raffaela Spone was charged with two misdemeanors. Spone is staring down three counts of cyber harassment of a child along with three counts of harassment.

Spone has been accused of editing pictures through a photoshop app to make it appear as if a teenage girl was nude. The truth is that she was wearing a swimming suit. She also doctored the images to make them appear as if the girls were vaping and drinking. After photoshopping the images, Scone sent the pictures to the girls’ cheer coach.

At least three girls that are a part of the traveling cheerleading squad known as Victory Vipers were victims of the harassment at the hands of Spone.

Threatening Messages

In addition to sending the photoshopped images to the cheer coach, Spone is also accused of directly harassing the girls. The results of a police investigation demonstrated that Spone sent the girls text messages that urged the cheerleaders to kill themselves.

The investigators believe that Spone acted this way after the parents of the other girls instructed their daughters to stop hanging out with Spone’s girl. Spone sent the messages to the coach in an effort to get the other girls kicked off of the team.

Spone will face a preliminary hearing scheduled for March 30. Police do not believe that Spone’s daughter was aware of her mother’s behavior.